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Youth: The Hope and the Future

Youth: The Hope and the Future

The enthusiasm, energy and motivation of delegates were spread all over LAU Byblos and LAU Beirut during Training Session II which took place on Saturday, November 27th, 2018. Delegates couldn’t be happier to be part of the Halloween themed session and more excited to be back in their respective classrooms where they were introduced to the rules of procedures and flow of debate of the GC LAU MUN final conference.

The delegates began to be more familiar with the flow of the final conference, where they will take on the role of a representative of a country. During the conference, the delegates will be distributed into different UN committees where they will be exposed to a wide range of topics. These topics are international pressing issues, and they can be Economic/ Social/ Humanitarian/ Environmental … During this session, delegates were introduced to the road map of the final conference, where trainers specified the importance of having a diplomatic flow. They were informed about the different types of motions and points that have to be applied.

All training sessions this year converge under the same aim; to highlight the importance of the 17 goals, also known as the Global Goals, which the United Nations aims to achieve
by 2030. The goals constituted the main pillar of discussion during the 73rd General Assembly meeting and were found needed to achieve sustainability that necessitates everyone’s involvement. For that reason, MUN delegates are being informed on how they can be involved and contribute to the achievement of the goals.

Delegates also learn how to simulate other countries and to discover their culture, heritage and policies. The GC LAU MUN program encourages the delegates to research in depth the position of other countries on a certain given topic. By teaching the delegates the Rules of Procedures and Flow of Debate, they learn the art of diplomacy and negotiation, and how to accept diversity and respect the opinion and points of view of the other countries.

The advisors’ session in Beirut welcomed Dr. Myriam Sfeir who gave a presentation under the title “Finding Gender Balance at Home: Believing in the Youth”. She initiated with explaining on the importance of youth who symbolize the new opportunities and the future and the challenges that they are facing. Dr. Sfeir elaborated on the role of educators in instilling the values of youth engagement before discussing the importance of gender equality, the initiatives for achieving it and empowering female youth.

In Byblos, the program director Prof. Elie Samia fascinated school advisors by meticulously explaining the UN’s methodology. Prof Samia started by elaborating on the most important pillars of leadership that constitute the base of our MUN program. He detailed on the Grading rubrics that ensure maximum fairness and then ended his presentation by discussing the content and the material given to the delegates in the classrooms and the UN achievements.

Both sessions in Beirut and Byblos included a presentation given by the Under-Secretary General for School Relations, Ms. Dima Yassine, about the GCI conference which is an educational program organized in New York by LAU for both High School and Middle School students from different countries around the world. The aim of GCI is to improve the delegate’s personality and knowledge about the United Nations and bridge the educational gap.

Indeed, the program focuses on empowering and inspiring delegates and giving them all the necessary tools and knowledge for them to make a difference; they are the future leaders of the country and are agents of change.

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