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The Start of The New Journey

The Start of The New Journey

A community of over two hundred student leaders and school advisors join together to celebrate the culture of diplomacy, and leadership in Lebanon. The Irwin theater at the Lebanese American University, Beirut hosts the merged Inauguration ceremony of the 2018-2019 simulation programs.

Multiple prominent figures attended the ceremony including representatives from several embassies in Lebanon, amid the President of the Lebanese American University, Dr. Joseph Jabbra, Vice President for enrollment and management, Dr. Elise Salem, and Assistant Vice President for Outreach and Civic Engagement and Director of the LAU simulation programs, Prof. Elie Samia.

Every year LAU students apply to engage in these inspiring programs and to be part of the secretariat, and more than a total of 3,000 students coming from all over Lebanon participate as delegates. The teams to which students of LAU may apply to are the School Relations, Logistics and Operations, Training and Educational Development, Public Relations and Public Information. These groups all had a hand in training school students coming from several regions in Lebanon to improve their skills and character.

“This year is the 14th year of the Model United Nations, the 8th year of Model Arab League and the 3rd year of Model European Union,” says Prof. Samia. “It will be new by the quality of our background guides, by the purity of our recruitment process and by the innovation and resolution of our delegates.”

“The most important thing is that even though students come from different regions in Lebanon, with different backgrounds, and different cultures, they’re uniting under one single culture which is the MUN culture,” according to Sara El Boustani, Deputy Secretary-General of this year’s GCLAUMUN, and undergraduate student in Petroleum Engineering. “Even though they might be different in every way, their differences unite them and I think this is the most important thing a delegate can benefit from the program.”

El Boustani speaks on how every year new methods and techniques are added to our program as there is always room for improvement. The aim lies in getting students to be more integrated through more interactive sessions and technology and make sure they are enjoying themselves throughout the learning process. The program differs every year and it only improves; the proof of that is the increasing amount of student registry and schools that want to be involved.

The LAU Global Classrooms Model United Nations, Model Arab League and Model European Union all organized by LAU provide an opportunity for students, as well as delegates to have a chance in leaving eminent impact while also nurturing themselves. The aim of the simulation programs is to highlight the students’ leadership skills, public speaking, research, critical thinking, diplomacy, among others, but mostly to be involved in an empathetic and intellectual community.

Prof. Samia explains on the need for the students to conduct research and develop their understanding of the sustainable development goals and international prosperity and peace, which will enrich their intellectual density. He also hopes that the program will impact students to build their character and empathy by meeting other delegates from a diverse group of schools. More importantly he considers it a perfect opportunity to enhance their awareness of pressing international issues.

“This is a haven of meritocracy, a haven of gender equality, this is a haven of empowerment and I wish the outside world could be like this,” he affirms.

With a pertinent diverse crowd, program director Prof. Samia elaborates about how students join the programs from all six governorates, free of all sorts of prejudice which encourages the delegates to build notable improvement while connect through their progressiveness, creativity and intellectual curiosity. The zest of the program lies in the vast capacity of resiliency, respect, and self-improvement.

Secretary-General of the 14th GCLAUMUN and undergraduate student in Political Science & International Affairs at LAU, Alec Hagopian gave a speech congratulating past and current secretariat members with joyful gratification. He stresses on the importance of the diplomatic and diverse culture GCLAUMUN holds, but promising innovative change and allowing for a wider vision, as well as more growth.

“You are the future leaders of our country and you are all agents of change. As our slogan for this year states: We Believe in You(th),” declares Hagopian, as a passionate audience cheers in the name of improvement.

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