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Success Induced by Spirit

Success Induced by Spirit

“Sundays are off; this only makes me appreciate your presence and energy even more!” said Prof. Elie Samia during his welcoming speech on the morning of Sunday, October 11, 2015.


In the presence of the Program Director Prof. Elie Samia, the Program Coordinator Ms. Ghina Harb, and all SSB members, the training camp for GC LAU Model United Nations and LAU Model Arab League took place at the LAU, Byblos campus.


Applicants who have made it past the first stage of being part of the secretariat, which is the interview stage, attended the training camp. The main goal of this day was to pick out those who are competent enough to be part of the program’ it is an essential step that applicants go through in order to ensure fair selection, as they are graded and evaluated upon objective criteria.


The applicants were assembled in the Selina Korban Auditorium, where Prof. Samia opened with a warm welcoming speech followed by general eligibility requirements for applicants. Then, speeches were given to introduce the program, previous accomplishments, as well as the entire dedicated and hardworking Senior Secretariat Board. Those were followed by the speech of newly appointed GC LAU Model United Nations Secretary-General, Alexander El Khawaja, which was exciting as he emphasized on the spirit of these programs and how strong the bonds created are, and how they are the core of the program’s success. A behind-the-scenes video, known as the “Uncut”, played right after and was  followed by a speech by the LAU Model Arab League’s Secretary-General, Rahma Dalbani, who stressed on the professional aspects of the programs that go side by side with the fun and free spirit of the programs. After assessing the required skilful competences, she divided the attendees based on the teams they had applied to, and ushered them to the Frem Building’s stairs for a group photo.


Later on, teams got positioned in rooms all around LAU’s Byblos campus, depending on the team they have applied to. A presentation was given to brief about each team’s specific tasks before which the SSB members had introduced themselves, and then had broken the ice with fun activities. Afterwards, each and every team carried out tasks that highlighted their capabilities, and were evaluated accordingly, in order to finalise the applicants’ selection process.


The SSB’s positive energy boosted applicants’ enthusiasm to the point where their urge to get into the program augmented. All the procedures undergone during the training camp are highly efficient, as well as intricately organised, to fully assess each applicant, in order for them to get registered as a final Secretariat member. The training camp was a success that not only portrayed total fairness and objectivity in evaluation, but also exceptional abilities to maintain order. With such tight organisation, cooperation and enthusiasm, this big family can surely control anything and is ready to run this year’s simulation models with utmost care, professionalism and excellence.

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