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Striving for Excellence

Striving for Excellence

Young enthusiastic students from the Lebanese American University reported to the Beirut campus, on Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018 to forego the Secretariat Training Camp in hopes of becoming part of this year’s Model United Nations, Model Arab League and Model European Union Secretariat.

Although the 3 simulation programs might differ in the discussed topics and simulated countries, they converge in their aim of nurturing skills such as diplomacy and governance, and to engage in teamwork and exude leadership not only in delegates, but also in secretariat members. The influence that the programs have previously had on LAU students, whether as former delegates or secretariat members is indescribable for some; “It taught me that there will be times where I have to fight for what I believe in when I need to but also taught me how to accept defeat and to constantly work on myself for improvement and refine my communication and leadership skills” expressed Elie Abi Khalil, 20-year-old Biology student. “Joining MUN gave me the opportunity to get a scholarship, and without it I wouldn’t have been able to go to LAU in the first place. I hope I can inspire more students to gain the skills I gained and possibly help them get scholarships as well.”

LAU students do not only benefit from the personal skills gained as secretariat members, but also from the social engagement that the programs offer; students join teams that will eventually feel like family where they help one another, support one another and meet people who will stay friends for life.

“I hope to deliver good work with photography, I hope to make new friends and really just engage in social things” says Elias Azar, 19-year-old Computer Engineering and Photography student. “I hope I can just take photos of people being happy in the program and just show everyone how good of an experience it is.”

It has been said that in order to succeed, one must do what he/she loves. Following this moto, and in order to ensure the most successful conferences, the programs also give LAU students the decision of choosing the teams they would like to join according to their preferences. In fact, five teams harmonize in organizing each program and they are the Logistics and Operations Team, the Public Information Team, the Public Relations Team, the School Relations Team and the Training and Educational Development Team. Each team consists of a predefined number of secretariat members and is guided by the Under-secretary General of the respective team and the assistants also known as the Senior Secretariat Board.

The day was initiated by a speech given by Prof. Elie Samia in Irwin Hall, welcoming all interested students to the Training Camp and urging them to showcase their absolute best during the evaluation rounds. Prof. Samia highlighted on the reputation that these programs have held for the past years and reflected on the necessity of maintaining the utmost level of professionalism. The speech was followed by a brief presentation given by the Secretary Generals/Director General and the Deputies of the 3 simulation programs where the latter were launched, the timeline for the Training Session Dates was revealed and the Senior Boards were introduced. After the welcoming ceremony, students gathered around in the Adnan Kassar Business Building to take part of specific activities prepared by the Senior Board of the teams that they have applied to. These screening processes guarantee the formation of a responsible, dedicated and hardworking team of young students who will undoubtably and efficiently contribute to organizing the most prestigious conferences in Lebanon . The latter both ensures and reflects LAU’s commitment to the highest level of professionalism.

Throughout the day, students made sure to highlight their exuberance by joining the simulation session and the Adnan Kassar Business Building was practically filled with future secretariat members who are excited and engaged in hopes of leaving an impact and nurturing their inhibitions…

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