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Reaching to New Lengths for A Better Tomorrow

Reaching to New Lengths for A Better Tomorrow

Several training sessions have passed, our delegates have been given all the skills they need to attend the final conference. The people behind these profound training sessions are bound by limitless motivation, as they showcase their concern to the dramatic need for reform in several regions in the world, and see it translate through their delegates. The theme of Training Session 4 was ‘’New Year’s resolutions towards Human Rights.’’ During the session, trainers discussed the importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and how it is extremely important that in 2019 we safeguard, promote and protect human rights.

High and Middle school delegates were taught on how to best represent their country. The delegates learned how to write a position paper which is composed of 4 paragraphs that list their country’s position on the topic that they are tackling in their respective committee. Trainers meticulously explained the importance of research and gave them the all the necessary tips and advice which will guide them in their preparation.

“I’ve experienced several phases of GCLAUMUN, and I’ve come to realize that this program is very coherent, inclusive, help a person grow,” explains Elie Abi Khalil, current Secretariat member and part of the Training and Educational Development Team, “The world has begun to involve the youth, and each year the delegates are becoming more and more radicalized toward wanting to solve problems such as inequalities.”

All of the GC LAU MUN training sessions aim for the delegates to leave this experience knowing that winning is never the point, rather than the change that they can contribute to, and for delegates to realize that there are institutions in the world that would allow them to have their voice be heard.

“My delegates taught me to always improve because I feel like I’m training them and at the same time they’re training me,” says Ruba Alsharki, current Secretariat member in the Training and Development Team, “I’m very happy with how smart and critical the delegates have become they’re always ready to learn and to debate new ideas and concerns and it’s inspiring because you really see how they can change the world.”

One of the primary concerns of the training sessions included working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while presenting fundamental facts and solutions to the problems that plague humanity today. GC LAU MUN provides more than that, as the Training and Development strives for more room to discuss various issues that are not restricted to just the SDGs in a safe nurturing environment.

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