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Yasmina Monzer

Under Secretary-General for Training & Educational Development

Yasmina Monzer was part of the 2ndGC Middle School LAU MUN, a life changing experience that motivated her to return as a delegate in the 9th GC High School LAU MUN, which resulted in the earning of her Diplomacy Award. Driven by ambition, Yasmina joined the 4th LAU High School MAL to win the Best Delegate award. After entering LAU, the idea of giving back to the program propelled her not only to become a trainer in both the 12th GC High School LAU MUN and 6th LAU High School MAL, but also to join the year’s Education Development Team and represent LAU and her home country in theGlobal Classrooms Middle School International MUN in New York as a dais member. Last year, she took the responsibility of the Assistant Under Secretary-Generalof Training and Educational Development Team.Yasmina is also part of the LAU Women Handball team, winner of the last Lebanese League.

Today, in her junior year studying Civil Engineering, Yamina serves the 14th GC High School LAU MUN & 9th GC Middle School LAU MUN as the Under Secretary-General for Training and Educational Development.

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