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Yara Boustany

Under Secretary-General for Logistics & Operations

Yara Boustany is a senior industrial engineering student at the Lebanese American University. She is also the undergraduate assistant to the mechanical and industrial engineering department at LAU. Yara first participated as a delegate in the international Q-THIMUN conference held in Qatar in 2012. During her 3rd university year, she volunteered to join the 12th LAU MUN logistics and operations team in both the Middle and High School Final Conferences. The year after that, Yara served as a Logistics and Operations Coordinator at the 13th LAU Model United Nations program. Outside of the simulations programs, Yara plays basketball since a young age and practices the piano at the Ecole des Arts Ghassan Yammine. She is honored and humbled to take part in the 14th global classrooms high school LAU Model United Nations and 9th global classrooms middle school LAU Model United Nations as the Under Secretary-General for Logistics and Operations.

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