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Roy Naaim

Assistant Under Secretary-General for School Relations

Roy Naim is a 2nd year Computer Engineering student at the Lebanese American University. Roy’s journey with the simulation programs dates back to the 12th GCLAUMUN where he was introduced to Model UN and participated as a delegate in the GA1 committee, winning a diplomacy award with his co-delegate. Thanks to the 25% scholarship offered by MUN, Roy enrolled in LAU and decided that he did not have enough of the simulation programs, so he applied and served as a School Relations Coordinator in the 14thGCLAUMUN. During the summer, Roy also aided in recruiting delegates for the 2019 Global Outreach and Leadership Development (GOLD) Conference in New York organized by the Outreach and Civic Engagement Unit in LAU. Aside from the simulation programs, Roy is an avid learner with technology being the main topic to spark his interest. He also tries to dedicate enough time to volunteering and helping others, from tutoring public school students to serving food to socially disadvantaged families. This year, Roy is honored and humbled to serve as the Assistant Under Secretary-General for the 15th Global Classrooms High School LAU Model United Nations & 10th Global Classrooms Middle School LAU Model United Nations School Relations team.

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