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Razan Chaaban

Assistant Under Secretary-General for Logistics & Operations

Razan Chaaban is a second year Hospitality and Tourism student at the Lebanese American University. Razan has taken part in being a delegate twice during her high school years in the Model United Nations and Model Arab League. She served as a Logistics and Operations coordinator in the 13th GCLAUMUN as well as the 14th GCLAUMUN. She was also a part of the Logistics and Operations team in the Global Classroom International Model United Nations High School Conference that took place in New York. Razan realized her passion for baking when she was 9 years old. She has been playing the piano for seven years, during which she has been performing in front of various audiences. For the past year, Razan has also been taking vocal lessons in order to further enhance her musical talent and skill. Moreover, she is a certified makeup artist. She is an active community member having contributed her time to many community service activities; some of these activities include organizing a concert for the blind, hosting a dinner for the elderly, and taking part in organizing an Iftar for the homeless people around Beirut. Razan is more than glad to be serving as this year’s Assistant Under Secretary-General for the Logistics and Operations team.

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