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Nathalie Chatila

Assistant Under Secretary-General for Training & Educational Development

Nathalie Chatila is a second year marketing student at LAU-Beirut. The purpose behind this decision was to later branch out into the luxury fashion industry later on. She plans on pursuing a masters degree in luxury brand management and communications in Paris, France at Institut Francais de la Mode. Model United Nations has been a huge turning point in Nathalie’s life. Her first MUN conference was in grade 8, and ever since then she has become an avid lover of the program. She participated in both the Middle School and High School conferences where she successfully garnered two SG awards. She was also given the chance to take her MUN experience to an international level by participating in the Harvard Model United Nations conference where she was able to win an award. In her free time, Nathalie enjoys reading self-help and enlightening books, drawing fashion sketches, and reading interesting articles. Her weirdest hobby is organizing and cleaning. Nathalie is honored to be serving as an Assistant Under-Secretary General for Training and Educational Development in the 15th GCLAU MUN.

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