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Myriam Kassouf

Assistant Under Secretary-General for Public Relations

Myriam Kassouf is a 3rd year Architecture student at the Lebanese American University. Even though she was not a delegate back when she was in school, she was always interested in taking part in the simulation programs. Thus, upon enrolling in LAU, Myriam joined the 13th High School and 8th Middle School GCLAUMUN as a Logistics and Operations Coordinator. Communicating with people and managing manners were always a part of her personality, so for these reasons she switched teams in the 14th High School and 9th Middle School GCLAUMUN and joined the program as a Public Relations Officer. In addition, Myriam served as a Conference Services Staffer at the Global Classrooms International Middle School Model United Nations 2019 conference in New York. Myriam is a member of several Community Service Associations. In 2016 and 2017, Myriam took part in the Executive Team of the Saint Coeur Missionary Group alongside being an active member since 2014. She also helps in Managing and Planning Events and Weddings. In addition, Myriam is into Photography and has won many photography competitions. Myriam is thrilled to be serving as the Assistant Under Secretary-General for Public Relations in this year’s 15th High School and 10th Middle School GC LAU Model United Nations.

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