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Lynn Richa

Under Secretary-General for Public Relations

Lynn Richa, 5th year Interior Architecture student, first joined the simulation programs as a public relations coordinator at the 2nd model European Union in 2017-2018. Then, as the assistant director of public relations in the 3rd model European Union in 2018-2019.

Design and people are the two major titles of her career and personal life. The lifestyle she leads was born out of her passion for people’s interaction; having been part of clubs during her school years and current university life, this allowed her to make a lot of diverse connections and friends. In her personal life, the continuous interaction she has with people provides her with insight into a diversified way of thought. This understanding of the world of people allows her to translate knowledge into conceptualized designs in her professional life.

As the Under Secretary-General for the Public Relations team in this year’s 15th High School and 10th Middle School GC LAU Model United Nations, she aims to use all the characteristics and strengths she acquired over the years, in order to lead and be part of an integrated team of individuals who will strive towards utilizing their skills of communication to achieve all their goals.

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