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Jana Sharara

Assistant Under Secretary-General for Logistics & Operations

Jana Shararais a Senior High Distinction Chemistry Pre-Medical student at LAU. Jana was first introduced to the simulation programs when she was a delegate in the 2ndMiddle School GC LAU Model United Nations Conference. Ever since, the MUN culture became ingrained in Jana who, upon enrolling in LAU, served the Model United Nations program as a volunteer in the 12thGC LAU Model United Nations High School Conference and as a Logistics and Operations Coordinator in the 13thGC LAU Model United Nations. The leadership skills she acquired from the program enabled her to become vice president of the Premed Club as well as a teacher for dozens of students who seek university level tutoring. She now aspires to become a medical student at LAU and hopes that her experience equips her with the proper communication skills, teamwork, and diligence that this field requires. Jana holds responsibility for the 14thGlobal Classrooms High School Model United Nations & 9thGlobal Classrooms Middle School LAU Model United Nations Assistant Director for the Logistics and Operations Team.

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