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Iana Skvortsova

Assistant Under Secretary-General for School Relations

Iana Skvortsova just began her First year as a Business student with an emphasis in Banking and Finance after completing her Freshman year. She will be serving as Assistant Under-Secretary General for School Relations of the 14th& 9th GC LAU Model United Nations program. Iana was first introduced to the simulation programs when she participated as a High School Delegate in the 11thGC LAU Model United Nations Conference. During the following year, she took part as a delegate in the 1stLAU Model European Union. Upon enrolling in LAU, Iana joined the program as the School Relations Coordinator in the 13thHigh School and 8thMiddle School GC LAU Model United Nations Conference in 2018. Aside from the program, Iana will serve as the director of the International Service Committee in the Rotaract Club of LAU Byblos in the upcoming year. She is also an active member in the Cultural Association of Russian-speaking youth in Lebanon. Iana has a strong drive to work meticulously aiming to achieve the highest standards.

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