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Fouad El Kadi

Under Secretary-General for School Relations

Fouad El-Kadi is a Senior Petroleum Engineering student. He has been part of the Outreach and Civic Engagement Unit’s local and international journeys for the past years. Fouad servantly lead the 13th GC LAU Model UN as its Secretary-General. He served as a School Relations Coordinator from the moment he joined the LAU family back in 2014 where he served both the Model UN and the Model AL Programs. El Kadi diligently took the responsibilities of both Under Secretary-General for School Relations and Conference Services for 12thGC LAU Model UN and 2017 Global Classrooms International Model UN after being an Assistant Director of School Relations at the LAU Model AL the year before. Fouad also humbly handled the accountabilities of the Chief of Staff and Director General of the 2018 Global Classrooms International. He also contributed to inviting Delegates to attend the Global Outreach and Leadership Development Conference (GOLD) in New York. Fouad’s list goes on as he strives to translate dedication and passion for the program on the ground. Fouad once again takes the responsibility of the 15th Global Classrooms High School LAU Model United Nations & 10th Global Classrooms Middle School LAU Model United Nations Under Secretary-General for School Relations.

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