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Fadi Al Kalash

Under Secretary-General for Logistics & Operations

Fadi is a Senior Mechatronics Engineering Student at the Lebanese American University. Fadi began his journey as a delegate in his school’s local conference back in middle school and has been part of the Model United Nations program ever since. In his senior year, he was the Under Secretary-General for Logistics for his school’s local conference. He has been part of the Global Classrooms LAU Model United Nations family since he first entered university. Fadi joined the LAU Model United Nations program as a School Relations Coordinator back in 2015 for two years. He then served as a Logistics Coordinator in both the 13th GCLAUMUN and 8th Model Arab League program, later serving as the Assistant Under Secretary-General for Logistics and Operations in the 14thGCLAUMUN program. He also participated in the Global Classrooms International Model United Nations High School Conference in 2017 in New York as a Conference Services Coordinator then in the Middle School Conference in 2018 and High School Conference in 2019 as a Logistics and Operations Coordinator. Apart from the program, Fadi enjoys theatre and has acted in many productions over the past 6 years. He also has a keen interest in Robotics and has assembled different prototypes throughout his university career. He also takes part in robotics workshops happening throughout Lebanon. Fadi is excited to serve as this year’s Under Secretary-General for Logistics and Operations.

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