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Daniel Al Hayek

Assistant Under Secretary-General for Training & Educational Development

Casting an eye to a future dominated by technology, Daniel Hayek has decided to major in Computer Science, and is now in his second year. This decision came to be out of a genuine interest in the world of technology and computing, as well as it being one of the most demanded specializations on the job market. His interest also stems in part from his love of gaming in his free time. Daniel has been heavily involved in LAU Model United Nations, attending MUN as a delegate when in the 11th grade of school.  Daniel was also a trainer and dais member in the 14th GCLAUMUN. In addition, Daniel is quite heavily active in sports, having practiced almost a dozen and achieved multiple accolades, including several medals in national swimming tournaments in his earlier years and a black belt in Taekwondo about 2 years ago. More recently with a major focus on volleyball, he is training on the LAU varsity team as well as a club in Baabda. He is also Russian and speaks 4 languages. Daniel is honored to be a part of the Senior Secretariat Board as Assistant Under Secretary-General for the Training and Educational Development Team in the 15th GCLAUMUN and looks forward to an amazing year ahead.

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