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Middle School Final Conference

Middle School Final Conference

The 9th GC LAU MUN Middle School Final Conference took place on Saturday, February 2 and Sunday, February 3. After attending the training sessions, doing extensive research on their topics and countries, all Middle School delegates shined during the two-day conference. The energy and motivation were present in all of the committees as they were diplomatically trying to solve the topic at hand. There were 11 committees that were being simulated and they were the following: IMO, UNW, WHO, UNDP, WFP, UNICEF, UNHRC, UNEP, ITU, UNESCO and UNODC. The topics in all of the committees were different international pressing issues and the delegates were highly committed in drafting resolutions.

As the conference began on Saturday in LAU Byblos, the session started by Dais members taking roll call. The flow continued with the delegates motioning to set the speakers list whereby they will state the position of the country they are representing. As time passed, the committees moved into discussing sub-topics to tackle the topic more in depth. The conference became more fruitful and challenging as well since there were crisis scenarios that were occurring. The committees become more dynamic as the delegates need to solve the crisis that was announced.

The second day of the conference which took place in LAU Beirut was as lively as the first day. The day started with the committees taking their pictures. Since it was the last day of the conference, delegates had to finalize their draft resolutions so that they can move into voting procedures. At the end of the day, all 11 committees were successful in drafting their resolutions.

The last event was the awards ceremony. Everyone gathered at the Irwin Auditorium and delegates were patiently waiting to hear the awards. The event started with the closing ceremony video and continued with a speech by the Secretary-General of the program, Alec Hagopian. He stated the following: “You were not only part of a program, but you were part of a family. The memories you have will never fade, instead you will cherish them for the rest of your lives, and wherever you go and wherever you are, GC LAU MUN will always be part of you.” Afterwards, the Under Secretary-General of the Training & Educational Development team, Yasmina Monzer, called upon the dais members of each committee to start announcing the awards.

All delegates were winners regardless if they won or not as being part of the GC LAU MUN program is already the best award anyone can receive. Every student should feel proud of themselves for what they have achieved and accomplished this year. The opportunities are limitless as this is only the beginning…

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