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International Conferences

Global Classrooms International Model UN in New York (GCIMUN)

Global Classrooms International Model UN is the flagship education program of the Lebanese American University. Operated by the United Nations of the United States of America, for the past 15 years, 2016 ushered in a new era as LAU, a partner of Una-USA, operating a model UN program of its own in Beirut since 2005, took over the prestigious GCI in New York. Two international conferences in New York are held, one conference for middle school students and a separate conference for high school students. These conferences have engaged more than 4,000 student leaders coming from around the world, including Ivy League universities, and more than 48,000 high school and middle school students coming from 250 schools in 20 countries. The purpose of the program is to bring the UN culture of global awareness and to bridge the education gap through allowing students to step into the shoes of ambassadors in order to negotiate with fellow delegates the current world issues, to resolve conflicts, and to navigate the UN’s rules of procedure.

Global Outreach & Leadership Development (GOLD)

Held in New York City, GOLD is a conference which expands the training & educational development of the participating delegates about rules of procedure in a United Nations conference, negotiation and caucusing skills, and essence of diplomacy and resolution writing. The conference includes sessions which will allow delegates to play the role of ambassadors in United Nations committees and discuss current topics. The participating delegates are given the opportunity to take part in several lectures and workshops held by several renowned universities, international NGOs, and other international institutions working in public service in Lebanon, New York and the U.S. at large.