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Empowering You(th): What the GC LAU MUN simulation program has to offer this year.

Empowering You(th): What the GC LAU MUN simulation program has to offer this year.

Inspiration, connectedness, and brilliance, this year’s Model United Nations simulation program at the Lebanese American university, wants for their delegates to have an even louder voice, fore fronting youth leaders and accentuating on their achievements and social outreach.

As always, through multifaceted training and mentoring, MUN allows for its delegates to be more well-rounded and involved letting them be the leaders and humanitarians of the future. Delegates endured the first MUN training session finding themselves to learn about several youth leaders that emphasize on their humanitarian work mostly related to inclusivity in education, bettering the socio-economic structure in their respective countries, famine, and sustaining the environment.

Through working on the several youth leaders of today, the training team never fails to approach these matters with liveliness and keenness on influencing their delegates to the better, mentoring them now to make a better future and become the true leaders of tomorrow.

Bounding on the issues of youth empowerment, Ms. Angela Elzir Assy, youth advisory group coordinator, presented a speech on bettering the condition of the youth group within their respective countries, introducing multiple tactics to better the environment in which they grow.

She mentions the challenges young people deal with today, among them is the lack of inclusivity within society, exclusion and their representation in politics, and economic exclusion which is related to unemployment and the quality of education given around the world. Her topics touch on reaching the UN’s sustainable development and how the international community goes about to fix them, improve living standards for people all over the world.

“I hope we’ll at least reach some of the goals that the international community has challenged out global leaders to achieve,” she says, “I hope that we’ll have more cohesive societies, less poverty, youth will have finally a voice because a lot is being said that they want youth to have a better voice, but now is the time of the youth to make it happen, so how can we make sure that they are at the front seat?”

The training session was beneficial to all of the delegates, school and student advisors leaving them beaming with confidence, radiating their energy to the world, in hopes of changing any hardships surrounding their communities one step at a time.

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