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Celebrating UN Day, the 13th GC LAU MUN Way

Celebrating UN Day, the 13th GC LAU MUN Way

Year after year, Global Classrooms Lebanese American University Model United Nations (GC LAU MUN) strives to surpass its delegates’ expectations by continuously seeking ways to make the program as interactive as it is educational.

As far as training material is concerned, during the first Training Session, delegates were informed about the United Nations’ (UN) system and structure, as well as our program’s (GC LAU MUN) unique role in shaping leaders in our society. Delegates were introduced to role-play and the fundamentals of public speaking.

October 24, 1945 marked the day that the United Nations was established. Following the horrors of World War II, the world was in desperate need for international cooperation to maintain peace. Fifty-one countries came together, and by signing a Charter, the UN organization came to existence to serve this noble goal.  After seventy years, the UN is still true to its promise of promoting peace and ensuring global security. The United Nations’ Secretary-General António Guterres’s declared in his message for 2017:

The world’s problems transcend borders.
We have to transcend our differences to transform our future.
When we achieve human rights and human dignity for all people – they will build a peaceful, sustainable and just world.
On United Nations Day, let us, ‘We the Peoples’, make this vision a reality.

UN Secretary- General António Guterres giving a speech.

Acknowledging the importance of this remarkable day, the 13th GC LAU MUN family transformed the break during Training Session l, which took place on October 21, 2017 at LAU Byblos and Beirut, to a UN Day celebration.

 Besides the material acquired during class time, delegates were invited to enjoy the break, in more ways than one. Both Byblos and Beirut campuses were vibrant with buzzing delegates.

 As soon as the break begun, delegates were accompanied outside, where they were asked to stand hand in hand in the form of several circles within each other. The reason behind this was to get delegates from different schools and on their first day, to get a sense of how small the world really is if we keep our differences aside and just join forces in working towards building a better world.

Following the legendary hand-in-hand scene the delegates displayed, a scavenger hunt was planned to get the delegates engaged with the theme in a more tangible way. The idea was to look around campus in a quest to find the hidden pieces of the puzzle that would read the date when the United Nations was established, Lebanon which was one of the fifty one founding states, a gavel and the United Nations flag to make sense of the separate parts of this fact.

That was not all. Another simultaneously educational as well as expressive activity was conducted. A huge poster, designed according to the UN Day theme, was hung for delegates to express themselves by writing whatever they found applicable. And they did so outstandingly!

Training Session one marked the beginning of a promising year at GC LAU MUN. With this year’s motto 13 years of leadership… Intensified, the brilliant unfolding of the first session is proof that we deliver as promised, because this is just the beginning! 

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