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A young generation full of determination and dreams

A young generation full of determination and dreams

Amid the Lebanese Independence Day celebrations across the country. GC LAU MUN puts its delegates in an atmosphere of preparations for Independence Day, with dabke circles, images of several Lebanese regions spread across the hallways in the Byblos and Beirut campuses, and engaging activities foregrounding the patriotic spirit.

The third MUN training session was focused on the delegates’ draft resolutions: an official United Nations document that contains resolutions for the topics the delegates have discussed during their conferences. The purpose of these conferences is to come up with practical resolutions, largely related to amendments of regional law and the prospects to their reinforcement, as well as resource allocation, and public funding.

Complementing these subjects, during the advisor session in LAU Beirut, lecture was presented by Yendi Ghossein, Programme Analyst of the United Nations Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, in the Adnan Kassar School of Business.

“Students can be involved in the programs and the implementation of these projects across the country and this way they would be involved in the crisis and understand the needs of the target population and they can support the relevant in an effective way,” Ghossein says.

The presentation was primarily concerned about the socioeconomic disparities of the Syrian refugees, Ghossein discussed the managing of the crisis, the humanitarian aid implemented in the region that was broken down into categories, and the need for more youth to be involved in volunteering in these programs, in hopes for a happier Lebanon.

A synopsis of the draft resolution was also presented at both Beirut and Byblos campuses during the advisor session by Under Secretary-General for Training and Educational Development and Civil Engineering Junior, Yasmina Monzer. Followed by Dima Yassine Under Secretary-General for School Relations, and senior Petroleum Engineering student at LAU, briefing the prospects of the Global Outreach & Leadership Development programme held in New York City.

The GOLD conference is a 5-day simulation process that explores matters associated with diplomacy, conflict resolution, negotiation and current events. The conference gives a chance for student advisors and delegates to travel abroad and engage in this program.

Reference to the Donation Campaign being implemented by all three simulation programs at LAU, which is the “Plant a Smile on a Child’s Face” campaign, the top 3 schools with the highest amount of donation will receive a prize. The registration fee of one student and one delegate from the school will be covered.

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